Quick and Easy Pecan Butter

So my theory that any nut could be made into flour turned out to be “kinda” false. Yesterday, when I started making chocolate chip heart cookies, I tried using pecans as a flour. Well, I had to stop the coffee grinder a bit early because it was starting to turn into butter. Even though I used it, and they turned out alright, it got me to thinking. If it didn’t take very long for the pecans to turn into butter, then I may be able to come up with my own pecan butter in my small ninja blender. Hmmm…instead of sitting down to write out the recipes to the items I made, I decided to test out that theory.

I got out my ninja, poured the pecan pieces in the bowl, and turned it on, fully expecting to have to wait at least 10 minutes for it to do anything, like all the blog posts I read said it would take. Well, they were wrong–they were also using a food processor as well, and those things take forever to process things. Anyway. Not 30 seconds into my processing, I noticed that the pecans were getting very doughy in texture. 15 seconds later, and I had delicious, liquid gold in the form of pecan butter.

All you need to replicate my success is:

1-2 cups pecan pieces (Not sure if they were roasted. I got them from the co-op and forgot to check if they were or not.)

A ninja blender, small bowl

Clean canning jars

45 seconds-1 minute

The process is very simple. Just pour in the pecans, put the cover on the bowl, place the blender motor over the lid, and press down. Wait 45 seconds to a minute. Then, using a spatula, scrape out the pecan butter into canning jars, cover, and refrigerate. No other ingredients are needed. Other recipes try to tell you that you need oil or salt, or some other silly ingredient. No. Nothing else is needed. If you want to flavor it, simply add it before you process the pecans.

People tend to over-complicate things, making the simplest of tasks very difficult. Making pecan butter is really very simple, and if you have the right tools for the job, it becomes even easier.

What can you do with this now? Spread it on toast; use in recipes; eat by the spoonful; etc. I plan on using this for making grain free bread and rolls, and maybe in my pancake and waffle recipes. I also may decide to make cookies using this…but whatever I use it for, you can be sure that I will be posting the recipes here!! Enjoy!


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