Why Storybook Creation Cookies?

My mom, when she was alive, had many creative talents. She crocheted, sewed, and knitted beautiful items that could have commanded a high price. People sought her out for these things, and she never charged much more than the cost of materials. But, when I was a kid, she tried to start a business with the name “Storybook Creations”, as it was a play on our last name–Story. She didn’t do well with it, and she soon left the idea in the dust.

Later in life, after she retired due to kidney cancer, I tried encouraging her to pick up that name again and put it online. I even offered to help her, but she refused, saying that she just wanted to make things and not worry about trying to sell them. Her wish was to just give her items away to people she loved–that was all. I asked her then that if she didn’t want to use that name anymore, if I could use it for whatever I could think of, and she agreed to it.

A year ago, in January (2015), she passed away, leaving an awful hole in my heart. Lately I have been playing with the name, trying to see what I could come up with for a business model using the name.

Another story before I continue with that story… story, get it? Again, the story begins with my mom. Every beginning of December since I can remember, she would devote an entire Sunday to baking a full box of Christmas cookies. I remember when I was 5, I was helping her bake cookies, and decided that one recipe needed salt in it. Not knowing that mom already put salt in the batch, I put in more when her back was turned. She baked them, not realizing what I did. After one bite, she asked me, “Did you put more salt in?” I was so scared…I nodded and said, “I was just trying to help. I didn’t see you put salt in.” So it ended up that I ate the entire batch by myself over the course of a week. They weren’t that good, but I wouldn’t admit it.

But I have loved cookies ever since I can remember. Mom would affectionately call me her “Cookie Monster” because I always preferred cookies over any other treat. But. Cookies do not love me in return–at least not the traditionally made cookies. I get headaches, joint aches, and digestive issues that make my favorite treats unobtainable. So, I researched alternatives and found a treasure trove of cookie recipes that do not use grains or sugar, and I have to say–I am in love again!

So why Storybook Creation Cookies? This is a tribute to my mother in many ways, as she encouraged me to begin baking cookies when I was 9 years old, and came up with the name “Storybook Creations”. Your spirit lives on, mama!


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